Tuesday, July 31, 2007

need it

1960's grasshopper chair by preben fabricius. stainless steel, canvas, leather. perfectly gorgeous.





Friday, July 27, 2007

on vacation

i'm working hard at vacation up here, but just want to take a minute to say how much i appreciate everyone's feedback and emails and inquiries. i will respond to everyones' email shortly and look forward to talking with all of you who inquired about commissions and purchases. big thanks to pink for all the support and kind words, and decor8 for such a nice feature. thank you thank you.

Monday, July 23, 2007


happiness experiment

radio boy

a few weeks ago in a place i do not remember, i saw a photograph of ingo maurer standing in a studio. above his head, i believe it was a cadillac that was hanging upside down from the ceiling. one door was open, and parts of the car had been dismantled and reattached in random places. that photograph screamed in my ear. i spent the next week making these lamps whose inhabitants do things that might be a little dangerous. each lamp has some sort of circuit that would theoretically work, were it not made of jewels and porcelain and gold filled chain, and each inhabitant takes a chance in participating. i hope you will leave a little feedback.

collect and amplify

the rocky coast

day after tomorrow i leave for the maine coast for three weeks. i can not even wait. it is my favorite place to be. last year i drew a few things to embroider but still have not stitched them up. the border above is indian paisley with a seahorse and shell instead of paisleys. i may add a delicate indian/hicks hybrid band on the top and/or bottom to beef it up. i hope i can squeeze in some stitching with my busy staring out at the ocean schedule. i will also take half a suitcase of assorted wire and thread and beads and glue and soldering iron type stuff just in case.

i changed my mind about the grass in the first version but i do like the blue and yellow fish...the koi were inspired by my mother-in-law's japanese garden.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

enoch tanner wickham, with my own eyes

my favorite. "it is all over with now bill and well that it is as it is" sam davis and bill marsh statue

i wrote an entry about e.t. wickham earlier this year and have recently taken a day trip to see his statues in person. it seems some have been moved down the road and are behind what looks suspiciously like someone's electric fence. hopefully this will save them from further desecration. as you see in the photographs, his hard work has been mercilessly vandalized, which really hurts my, and i am sure, countless others' feelings. only the angel at the family gravesite stands in it's original glory. that said, now that i have seen them in person i love them even more and i am irritated that i can not give mr. e.t. wickham a big hug.

andrew jackson tipping his hat. please note the pocket and buttons on his shirt. everyone has pockets and buttons.

i read somewhere that when asked in an interview why he built these statues, he said "i don't know why i did it. i just had to". i would say on average, even before i had seen them with my own eyes, i have thought/do think of what he said 3 or 4 times a week. every week. he had to build them. they were heartfelt. it does not get any better than that. and after we admired all the statues we could find, we drove down the road to the family gravesite and i told him so myself.

the angel standing watch

mr. wickham's grandson runs a wickham stone park website with intact photgraphs and history of the statues and of his granfather the artist. i enjoyed it front to back. i hope you will too.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

collect and amplify

i have been absent for ages in a heap of busy work days! when the smoke cleared a couple weeks ago, i fell into a fit of invention (preview above). over the next few weeks i will get myself together and back on track with my blog, where i will feature more of the projects i am working on. i hope you are all having a healthy, happy summer (or winter, as it may be)!