Monday, February 26, 2007

love this green bed

i want it in a stark, austere house with stark, austere linens.

beautiful compact kitchen

photograph by nathalie krag for elle decor italy. feb 2007.

dominique kieffer

lovely textiles (above) from dominique kieffer and her lovely home (below).

Saturday, February 24, 2007

david wiseman

a new installation in new york by david wiseman which he likens to a charm necklace turned into a chandelier. i can not tell from this photograph if there is bronze (i find bronze highly irresistible) mixed in with the porcelain. i seriously LOVE his work and i NEED more photographs. i appreciate how his work feels like fantasy but you can not call it "cute". a million things, but not cute. although i can appreciate "cute" i do not tend to bring it home. even when i really want to because it is soooo cute. i love pretty and sometimes over the top which can, overall, be quite unaffordable. for that reason, i do not tend to bring pretty and over the top home either..... however, those items ARE purchased with wild abandon for the houses in my head. and on another note, i still NEED to hug one of his vases. one day i will see one in person and i will fit all my fingertips into the little dents when i pick it up. i can't wait.

i know you have seen it twice but i can't help it. it's a bronzed beauty.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

christien meindertsma

from christien meindertsma, the creator of "checked baggage", a chronicle of guilty objects confiscated at Schiphol in a single week, comes the flocks project. flocks explores issues of consumerism, production process and the lost connection between farmer and final consumer. flocks is the result of christien's work with one farmer in Wales to create a clothing collection from one entire flock of distinctly wooly sheep. Each piece is created from the wool of a single sheep and includes a detailed biography of the animal, his or her ear tag and any prizes the animal has won.

rug handknitted from the wool of 18 merino sheep.

wieki somers

amber, blossoms, and high tea pot. all wieki somers. andrea, i included the teapot just for you♡


Don't ask me why I do what I do...
Don't ask me how I come up with the things I come up with...
Don't ask me where it's coming from and what it means...
Because I don't know that much...

What I do know is...
That you can't get pregnant from a spermheart...
That even a sheep can get red ears...
And that some cockroaches like to dress up as an aphid or a ladybug...felieke van der leest


i choose this version

by rubinetterie.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

if i had a boat

i revisited the boat last night. i like this version better, though not as much as diana and the stag. but you have to start somewhere, right?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

more perfection

and great butcher block. photographs by charly erwin for a&d, jan-feb 2007

good idea

old shutter as cd storage. you could paint it glossy to be more slick. for the minimalist, just roll your eyes and forget about it...

pretty hammam textile

from resonances. also, check out the cute moroccan style duck screen in the childs room below. cute. photograph by patrick smith for art & decoration.

Monday, February 19, 2007

second plate

i like this one better. this has my daughter's initial. tomorrow i will revisit the boat if i have time. i drew the boat and the top water in a different gauge pen and it bothers me alot. i will also move the rope to the anchor to the other side of merman because the balance is off down there. i hope that will fix it. i will get back to a regular post tomorrow i promise!

here it is

what do you think? i just finished my plate for printing class on wednesday. we are learning polyester plate prints and i love it. i love how i have so much control over the design! it would take me forever to embroider all this but it only took me a morning to draw it. the instrucor handed out a huge piece of polyester paper last week, so, if i have time, i bet i could get 2 or 3 more ready to go! EXCITING!! i will give this one to my son, so i had the middle mermaid hold a flag with our initial. now i need to dream one up for my daughter.....


Sunday, February 18, 2007


beirut beauty

beautiful photographs by oliveiro olivieri for 34

pink sushi

interesting take on the ghitra from pink sushi.

Friday, February 16, 2007

a little do it yourself

seems like three or five of these doo-dads from marston and langinger turned upside down with fat candles in them would make a neat chandelier. i see a construction with a natural twine and a maybe a few flea market crystal drops thrown in, though the crystals may throw it over the edge. that's the beauty of a little do it yourself. you can stop when it's time to stop. anyhoo, maybe use a bunch of the bronze colored coat hangers to twist into a frame reinforcing the joints with the twine....?

the volga linen company

volga linen company, importers of beautiful russian linen. the yellow merino and gray linen reversible blanket strikes me as very necessary.

karin hillmer

you birds, you are following too close by karin hillmer (above). each one dreamed its own lonely dream (below). the birds who follow too close, love it.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


flint collection. also try abraham & thakore

ulrika jarl

inspired by natural forms, ulrika jarl makes lighting and homegoods from porcelain and various plastics that have the same translucent characteristics. blomster (top) is a commission piece made of polypropylene flowers on fibre optic stalks and looks like a giant allium to me. the romanesco pendant (below) is made of polyester resin, fibreglass and LEDs and is available at habitat along with countless other covetable pretties.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


my very first printmaking class! she's ugly (though she does have a great personality) but i had to make SOMETHING out of this sea creature time, more ballpoint less sharpie. i had to share her with you anyway because it is SO exciting to make a print and we only had time to do one. so here she is. this was a polyester plate. neat-o neat-o i love to printmake!

a little do it yourself

in reality, the budget was $10,000 to do whatever we could to transform our rust and mushroom coloured palace. we painted, constructed pergolas for wisteria over my side of the garage and over the entire kitchen portion of the deck, built the multi level deck that wrapped around two sides of the house, built big stairs to deal with the goat hill up to the kitchen door, built the pea gravel beach off the kitchen deck, built big modern planters and lattice for the lovely garage entrance and landscaped a little around the new steps and path. this house had no front as it was situated to take in the view so when you approached the house you arrived at the garage. my favorite (not). but we could not pass up the view or the privacy even though the view was to the north and we sat on top of a big hill and the wind would blow so hard the big windows would hum and bow in. but in a snowstorm it was a wonderland with up close views of the bears, and the moose, and the pheasant, and the turkeys, and the deer, and the fox and our really big waddle-y porcupine who we think lives behind the barn. worth it.