Tuesday, May 22, 2007

théophile bra

rebellious, illuminated and romantic, artist, sculptor and writer théophile bra (1797-1863) kept a private diary of his strange visions of the world. "an emotional disturbance in mystical matter" it was said, caused a prolific and feverish creative enthusiasm. i like it.

voilà celui qui combat vaillamment

Monday, May 21, 2007

tomorrow i will be back

so sorry for the lapse. busy busy. thank you all for continuing to visit!

Monday, May 14, 2007

tara donovan

paper plates

tara donovan is very patient. more to see at ace gallery.

fishing line

stacked drinking straws

cj o'neill

cj o'neill will show her "feeding desire" works may 19—21, 2007 at haute green 2007, a curated exhibition of sustainable furniture, lighting, and housewares. check her website for other beauties like the "villa puccini" plate above.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

mats theselius

so completely over the top, but i have to love it anyway. his choice of materials here really knocks me out. i wish it was a desk. easychair by mats theselius

pierre guariche

lamp. france, 1955

love it. love it. brass balancing rods and laquered metal. the lamp above is lit from the bottom and the top. by pierre guariche.

lamp. france, 1951

franco albini

rocking chair by franco albini. italy, 1940.


these lighting chains will make ALL the difference in the world. super fine indeed. i also love the golbe lantern below. both from jamb..

again, this room is busier with doo-dads than i personally care for, but i like the nailhead panelling (above) for a study. also, for someone with a book problem like myself, i like the bookshelves behind the bed. in a small space you could build that bookshelf between the studs on an interior wall, not encroaching on valuable space. however, i do get the feeling this is terrible feng shui. check out the portfolio at bilhuber and associates.

Monday, May 7, 2007

nicholas haslam

central london townhouse den. i love the colors here, and even though it is a little busier than i personally would have it, i like the fact it looks well lived in.

the paolo moschino for nicholas haslam website offers a beautiful interiors portfolio on top of some lovely furniture, fabric and lighting selections. worth a visit for sure.

trespolo standing lamp

rosewood paris side tables

chinoiserie dining chairs

zebra linen

i think this panelling is beautiful with the chandelier. if they were to ask my opinion, which somehow i doubt, i would only change the chairs.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

sergey jivetin

"intersection" brooch, my favorite

"cupola" brooch

sergey jivetin crafted this collection from watch hands. there are some beautiful cupola pieces on his flash site. i would like one to put under glass. love his work.

"coordinate sweep" earrings

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

felieke van der leest

camouflage deer with target pants. 2003 * textiles, rubber, gold, coral, shell, pearl * photo: eddo hartmann

in looking for felieke van der leest, i realized i had shown her work before. i just felt the deer in target pants was too good to pass up, so here she is again. my 8 year old vegan son would not approve. felieke also has a new book showcasing the last 10 years of her jewelery.

rocky the rock penguin alias the stork, 2006 * brooch, textile, plastic, gold, cubic zirkonia

shingo furukawa

typo-matic sweetheart (machine), 2002 * steel, copper, brass, found materials * photo: shingo furukawa

i think these machines by metalsmith shingo furukawa are interesting. typo-matic sweetheart is my favorite of these two. his work is hard for me to find. i would love to see more if any of you are in the know!

untitled (feather and egg) * steel, brass, feather & found objects * 2005

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

maría brito

maría brito * can’t anyone untie us, 2006 * a man and a woman tied together with ropes, struggling to get loose and crying out to be untied quickly? either i am mistaken, or they are two people who have been forced to marry * polymer clay.

bernice steinbaum gallery