Wednesday, January 31, 2007

louise campbell

"all our work is based on three simple rules / - always start from scratch - / - find the core of the issue - / - dare to be different" louise campbell. she is well known for her award winning chairs like the very round but i have a real penchant for things held together with string or rubber band, so i choose her home work stuff and a internship at her studio!

su blackwell

book-cut sculptures by su blackwell.

enoch tanner wickham

"i don't know why i did it. i just had to"

as fascinating as art is, i find outsider art exponentially MORE fascinating. enoch wickham, 1884 - 1971, began sculpting religious figures and historical figures he admired after retiring from farming, lake damming and land surveying. the statues are large scale, in a completely rural setting, and made from smooth concrete on frames of scrap metal including tin cans, coat hangers, stove pipes and car parts. his statues range in size from 6 to 30 feet so the animals' eyes could light up with lightbulbs and the halos on religious figures could glow at night. the beautiful guardian angel above is 5 feet tall and watches over the family gravesite. this year i intend to see this in person...

wickham admired this group whom he considered crusaders for the people. (from left) estes kefauver, patrick henry, and john f. kennedy. the liberty bell underneath is inscribed with the words of patrick henry: "I KNOW NOT WHAT COURSE OTHERS MAY TAKE BUT AS FOR MYSELF IT IS GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH". friends bill marsh and sam davis shake hands after a heated argument over tennessee's succesion from the union. the inscription on the base reads "IT IS ALL OVER WITH NOW BILL AND WELL THAT IT IS AS IT IS".

this group includes (from left) world war I hero sgt.alvin c. york, anonymous soldier honoring montgomery county tn. soldiers who lost their lives overseas fighting for our country, and andrew jackson on horseback with this inscription underneath: "HE WAS AN ENEMY OF MONOPLIES (sic) AND SPECIAL PRIVILEGES AND A CHAMPION OF DEMOCRACY". a self portrait of the artist on a bull circa 1959, with actual hat, boots, cloth stirrups, spurs, lasso and electrical hookup in bull's eye-sockets for lightbulbs. inscribed "ET WICKHAM HEADED FOR THE WILD AND WOLEY WEST REMEMBER ME BOYS WHILE I AM GONE".

sadly, for unknown reasons, vandals attacked the staues, defiling them with graffiti and decapitating many of them after the artist's death. several statues in salvageable condition were taken to austin peay university where they are being carefully restored. photographs by ned crouch from outsider art by kathy moses.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

sills and huniford

sills and huniford

a little i really want him to build it for me

i really want a little horse footstool/table fashioned from a big tree stump. will that weigh 300 pounds? i'll let you know if i get it..... photograph by dan forer, interiors in white, rockport 1998


Monday, January 29, 2007

attilio codognato

check the skeleton with one shoe. bizarre, beautiful stuff. my favorite! get the book from assouline.

window shopping

the collection

beau et bien

falco bianco arancio

atelier abigail ahem

beautifully moody collection from atelier abigail ahem.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

re - found objects

re - found objects.

gus wustemann * aliya knightly

serene, light filled zurich home of architect gus wustemann, aliya knightly and their two children. sliding glass walls allow everything from loft living to five bedroom apartment, all in the same space.

woofy progress

my son is enjoying this project but it definitely takes an adult hold it together for glue. we will post woofy when we are done.

marcio kogan

the home of helena montarini by marcio kogan, sao paolo, brazil. i am seriously loving the gold on the dining room chairs, among other things. elle dec. 2006. photographs by pedro d'orey/tuca reines.

better than bergdorfs

endless possibility....

flea market

yesterday's spoils

Friday, January 26, 2007

black and blue

i adore black and blue together. this is the cottage retreat of australian designer paul hecker. australia vogue living vol.40 no.2 photographs by earl carter.

suzy hoodless

designed by suzy hoodless. love it.

elda and nicola fabrizio

this is the home of elda and nicola fabrizio, owners of incredibly stylish fabric company dedar. this home is in a converted outhouse complex of an old 17th century villa ouside como, italy. so beautiful.

from objekt. photos by hans fonk

carolyn morris bach

very original work by carolyn morris bach. isn't it fabulous? i found this in the smithsonian craft show site which i found through a great blog that i can't figure my way back to...if the smithsonian craft show is your find please let me know so i can link your lovely site here.