Friday, August 17, 2007

my 375 dollar office

i stayed up half the night for the last 3 nights trying to get this together and this morning i am enjoying the fruits of my labor. my house became unbearably cluttered with my real work and my various projects covering the living room and kitchen table, so i finally succumbed and got busy. sad but true, we have been eating on the floor at the coffee table for months. 3 days ago this room was shoulder high stacked with boxes still not unpacked from our move last year. the only things that were not already stacked up in this room in boxes are the plywood on the plastic table and the shelves covering the storage wall. three cheers for organization. it looks better this way.

my desk is the plastic fold up banquet table and maple plywood we use to make the dinner table bigger at christmas. hubs cut the plywood to fit the plastic table exactly and was kind enough to belt sand around the edges so there will be no unfortunate snagging. sweet. i put a piece of 39 dollar plexiglass from the home depot on it for a smooth writing surface, which i will just replace it when it gets too scratched up. if you come for christmas, you may have to put your plate in your lap.

beaucoup stuff on the shelves from the home depot. this was 315 dollars. i put a section of closet organizer on the end so i could have some drawers. i have the long shelves stacked pretty heavy already and this is before the inevitable extra gobs of stuff that will be but there as the office swings into use. i figure for the 16 dollars the shelf itself costs, i can replace it when it gives out. the driftwood hanging from the ceiling and stacked in the umbrella stand are for the chandelier project i started in maine. more on that later.

the 15 dollar lamp i have carted around for 2 cross country moves. i finally replaced the socket and bought it a shade yesterday. i like it.

overworked assistants. the piglet is exhausted from filing. the closet behind him is floor to ceiling file cabinets.


nonchalant said...

your assistants are darling! I love the lamp, and envious of your nice workspace. Oh, how I would enjoy it!

Claire said...

yay for having your own office. You wont look back. I've been tweeking mine for years and it now has the perfect balance of benchspace and storage. :-)

And yay for your darling cavalier (we have one too, called Reuben)

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