Monday, February 11, 2008

christien meindertsma

with flocks, christien meindertsma explored issues of consumerism, production process and the lost connection between farmer and final consumer by working with one farmer and producing product from one flock of sheep, attaching each animal's ear tag number to the final product made from it's wool. three years in the making, christien takes it one step further with PIG 05049.

this book chronicles every product made from a single pig, number 05049, showing the products at their true scale (1:1). unexpected results include ammunition, medicine, photo paper, heart valves, brakes, chewing gum, porcelain, cosmetics, cigarettes, conditioner and bio diesel. i really appreciate christien's work. i often wonder where people and things come from and really, most people and things have very interesting stories if you bother to ask.