Wednesday, March 28, 2007

notre dame

notre dame was extremely difficult to photograph without a tripod because it is so dark inside. it is hard to get your head around the fact they started building it, or any of the other enormous intricate buildings, in 1163. all of the heavy stone and the tiny detail, i just cant imagine it with today's technology, much less such a log time ago. it took 200 years and armies of gothic architects and medieval craftsmen. henry vi and napoleon bonaparte were coronated here. during the revolution, it was desecrated and re-christened the temple of reason. just like sainte chapell, architect viollet-le-duc brought it back to life in the 19th century.

notre dame in the pouring rain


Mackenna said...

isn't it odd that there was more craftsmanship then than now given our "advances" that always drives me nuts how older houses just have amazing craftsmanship and new houses these days are just blah spackle and dry wall

My Marrakech said...

Are you still there? I am going for work on Monday.