Tuesday, April 24, 2007

everyday beauty

what a beautiful place to live. what a beautiful WAY to live.

i get up in the morning, get into my big metal car and head out into the asphalt and the buildings and the street signs. these two wake up, throw a colorful embroidered blanket on their yak, and set off through the woods listening to their footsteps, the yak's bell, and the rush of this beautiful place. photograph somewhere in south west china by guillaume de laubier.


lottie said...

Just idyllic. How wonderful to wake up to that each day!

Anonymous said...

I was there 10 years ago.
Just like lived in the heaven.

** Terramia ** said...

Ah, peace.
Humbling isn't it? Almost embarrassing how we live our lives here in the western world... we need to get back to nature, feel the Earth beneath us, breathe clean air, and learn to simplify our lives.

andifree said...

ARe you kidding me. A wonderful way to live--on a YAK. think I will stay on the grid!! :)