Wednesday, April 11, 2007

sybil andrews

sybil andrews 1898 - 1992
born in suffolk in england, andrews was trained in the modernist style at the grosvenor school of modern art in london. she became part of a group of artists who worked in the lino-cut print medium and who embraced a modern expressionist style. the lino cut print was a new medium having first been used in 1912. this group of print makers, led by claude flight, were considered to be avant garde and experienced some antagonism from the traditional art establishment. andrews favored subjects which were ordinary in and of themselves, portraying them in a dynamic expressionist style.

winch c.1930

indian dance c.1951

days end c.1961, my favorite

of her medium she says, “(it is) the greatest teacher of are forced to simplify your idea to its fundamentals." - Sybil Andrews

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Anonymous said...

I have the print 'Indian Dance' and it is a real treasure. I didn't know it was done in 53. Thanks for the info!