Wednesday, May 2, 2007

shingo furukawa

typo-matic sweetheart (machine), 2002 * steel, copper, brass, found materials * photo: shingo furukawa

i think these machines by metalsmith shingo furukawa are interesting. typo-matic sweetheart is my favorite of these two. his work is hard for me to find. i would love to see more if any of you are in the know!

untitled (feather and egg) * steel, brass, feather & found objects * 2005

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Ruth said...

I had the very lucky chance to work under him for 8 weeks, and I must say he was very thorough and intriguing. He was silly and whimsical with what he conceptualized about, but was exceptionally detail oriented and concerned with craft. I found it refreshing and still do - sloppy work won't get you anywhere. I too have a hard time getting him to show me work and unfortunately don't have anything saved - keep searching though, hopefully he'll end up on more blogs!