Wednesday, May 2, 2007

felieke van der leest

camouflage deer with target pants. 2003 * textiles, rubber, gold, coral, shell, pearl * photo: eddo hartmann

in looking for felieke van der leest, i realized i had shown her work before. i just felt the deer in target pants was too good to pass up, so here she is again. my 8 year old vegan son would not approve. felieke also has a new book showcasing the last 10 years of her jewelery.

rocky the rock penguin alias the stork, 2006 * brooch, textile, plastic, gold, cubic zirkonia


casapinka said...

No wonder you couldn't resist. You'll have to hope your son doesn't read this post.

lawyer said...

please remove the image from your blog. you are hotlinking to a copyright material.