Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ingo maurer

today was a fabulous day for us in new york. because our child will freakishly withstand hours of modern art and design we decided to spend the morning at the cooper-hewitt.....and the retrospective on show? none other than INGO MAURER !!. it was beyond exciting to see his work in person. so much of it i had never even seen in a photograph.

we were greeted by a sharpie embellished mr. and mrs. carnegie who, when motion detector sensed a visitor approaching, began moving their eyes back and forth and whispering to each other from their frames. love it!

"a memory from shanghai, or was it cairo?" it is hard for me to pick a favorite, but if i had to pick one work to save from impending doom, it would have to be this. the fact that the mice are wearing little red sleep masks really seals the deal for me.

led wallpaper. even if i were to take up residence in the chateau de versailles itself, i would find a way to work this in.

"l'eclat joyeux", my husband's favorite. son especially appreciated the upside down guy at the bottom.

"one can't be tall without the small!!!", my son's favorite.

something we have in common! love of circuit boards!

sadly, they were sold out of the catalog but i have ordered one to be shipped when they are replenished. i WILL be holding my breath.