Friday, October 5, 2007

new york city

photograph by premshree pillai.

i'm off to kick around the city for the week. if you have suggestions for interesting art or fabulous boutiques that are off the beaten path, i would be so grateful for the tip! have a happy weekend and i will post this week from the road.


Jonathan Hayes said...

You MUST go to the Ted Muehling store in SoHo, just above Canal St.

He's a brilliant, brilliant jeweler/designer who's known for extremely elegant, very simple pieces abstracted from nature - shells, feathers, seeds, pods. His sense of materials, form and proportion is absolutely incredible.

More recently, he's been designing ceramics for Nymphenberg in Germany, and glass pieces for Steuben. My favourite remains his jewelry and candle holders, though.

Don't be put off by the web site - he's almost anti-technology, to the extent that he refuses to do online merchandising because he doesn't want to have to increase his production.

They keep gallery hours - noon to 6PM, Tuesday through Saturday.

Terry said...

This New York resident suggests Housing Works: thrift stores have lovely window displays. Addresses to their seven shops are on the Web site.

You have such superb taste that I am wary of suggesting much else, but I'll think about it.

Jessica said...

Try to hit up areas around the Lower East Side...Stanton, Rivington, ludlow st...these have some fantastic new boutiques.

Have a wonderful time!!

david said...

A D├ętacher - 262 Mott St.


De Vera -1 Crosby St

two of my favorite stores that sell objects and clothes. great aesthetic sensibilities.

designdna said...

thank you thank you everyonne for your tips! i hit them all and am so grateful. ted muehling and de vera were spectacular. i found a brass temple bear at de vera that i can not live without! if i sold my car and went on bread and water diet i could bring it home today! but honestly, everything was so beautiful and inspiring, thank you

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