Thursday, February 8, 2007

doors and windows

big love for these windows and doors used by london designer veere grenney. i appreciate the polished brass handles on the industrial black metal. he made a home for himself by combining two garages in the holland park area. these days, i imagine it would be hard to afford even one garage. i think the brickwork courtyard/entry is beyond fabulous. i can imagine the experience of coming home and entering my tiny house in the city, passing under the pergola. with all the windows it must glow like a little firefly at night.


Gypsy Purple said...

Lovely...I enjoyed this


Anonymous said...

thanks, can you let us know which magazine this was from? (always helpful when you post articles) thanks!!

Amy said...

sorry about the no info. this one is from the deep archives. i have forever ripped pages out and some of them do not have the name of the publication along the bottom which is the case here. i always try to be sure and include the info when i have it, although not long ago i posted vogue living and left the australia out. big difference! thanks for visiting!