Thursday, February 8, 2007

my dog ate it

can you believe it? in a freakish, completely out of character loss of all old dog that knows better sense, maxwell pigdog, aka piglet (right) ate my halfway beaded handbag front. @*%#** !?! 13 years and never has he done anything but take peanut butter sandwiches from the hands of children who are slow peanut butter eaters and do not pay proper attention to their peanut butter sandwiches. no peanut butter was involved in the beading of this bag. piglet, what the @#$%# ??


nonchalant said...

...well, Max, aka.piglet, is a cutie.

Anonymous said...

Both dogs look as though they're very sorry. I'm sorry this happened, but if you get back half as much pleasure as you give (to people like me), you'll be amply recompensed.


kim. said...

That was funny - not so funny about your bag tho'. At least the dogs are cute. I tell my kitten she's lucky she's cute all the time, like when she eats my plants or when she mutilates rolls of toilet paper or when she eats the chicken defrosting on the counter that WAS WRAPPED UP IN A TEA TOWEL!

Gypsy Purple said...

Oh how I know this...mine ate all my ribbons the week before last....he is looking very sorry though!!!!


Anna said...

I first saw the picture of the eaten bag and I thought OMG I'd be so cross and then I saw the picture of the dogs and I thought oh, how could you be mad with them - they look so cute and innocent!! Don't worry I've got a story too - I was in my bedroom the other day and I was just laying some clothes out on my ottoman which I had recovered just last year in a Nina Campbell linen and I nearly had a heart attack because as I looked a little closer the ottoman was covered in pen drawings which my 4 year old son had done for me!! So I know exactly how you feel Amy!!

midcenturyjo said...

But he looks sooo sorry!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy:
Terry here. I saw an episode of "Debbie Travis' Painted House" today and she used wood (and cork!) in a bathroom.

The main points she talked about are:

1. The most important element in the bath is the waterproof cement board used for walls and floor.

2. She used tongue-and-groove wood to line the walls and tub. To waterproof them, she used outdoor stain, claiming that it would stand up to the elements, it would stand up in a bath.

3. She actually put cork on the floor. I'm not sure how this is waterproof.

The episode can be found at the Travis Web site at
and the contact information for the show is (I contacted them once and they did write back -- fairly promptly too.

I hope this helps you get closer to your dream of wooden floors in your bath.

LisaJay said...

Oh noooooooo! As an owner of five cats, believe me, I can relate!

casapinka said...

"Who us?" I don't think they looks sorry - they look innocent and so very sweet. Does your husband have any pink beads in his teeth? Now, you should take a little shadow box and mount this in it. Altered art, baby!

andifree said...

BUMMER can't believe the pig did such a thing. He obviously was mad at you!!

Amy said...

shadow box is a winner. i'll use my michaels coupon!

oh anna, when my son was 4 he "colored" a pretty picture on the outside of my black car WITH A ROCK! from headlight to tailight. but what are you gonna do..good thing they are cute!

ULLA said...

Well, I guess you could say he has great taste... doesn't heal the wound but its sure something to brag about!!!