Thursday, January 18, 2007

good stuff

this is a beautiful tree of life mural from the vanyavilas hotel in ranthambhore, india. it is made of silvered glass set in plaster. i wonder if i could make a bathroom like the one above with a mirror mosaic set in polished concrete for the walls. i really like the bathroom in this photograph, especially the wood flooring (teak? mahogany?). i'm fairly confident i we could do it ourselves but i have always been afraid of the cleaning aspect. will it always smell funky? do you leave a hatch to clean the floor drain? has anyone built a bathroom in this fashion? i would love some feedback!


The Peak of Chic said...

Afraid I can't give any advice re: the wood flooring, but I do think the tree of life mural would look so striking in a bathroom like that. You should go for it!

BTW, what is the tapestry-like scene in the box below your blog title? Very intriguing!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I know that baths in Japan are done in this fashion, and also I saw one in HGTV's "Small Space, Big Style": it was in a house made of shipping containers, in case you want to look it up.

On another vein: I adore your site. Kudos. Will write you again soonest.


Anonymous said...

Hi again. The wood bathroom I wrote you about is in a building called "Studio 320" designed by Joel Egan and Robert Humble of Hybrid Seattle Arts and Architecture Collaborative.

Their website is at, and their particulars are,
1320 East Pike St.
Seattle, WA. 98122
Tel: 206-206-267-9277.

They seemed very accessible and might be amenable to answering questions about wooden bathroom floors.

Studio 320 was featured on "Small Space, Big Style" Episode HSSBS-305.

Good luck; I hope they can answer your questions.


My Marrakech said...

I think that mural is so beautiful. But how would you do it?

pinkmohair said...

Even a mural like that done in mirror pieces would be stunning. I really am craving things in silver, white and lt. blue/aqua right now. ICE.

No info about the wood floors. It is so humid in India, however, that excellent drainage must be important.

Amy said...

wow TERRY! i am going to send them an email now and see if they will write me back with their experience. if they respond i will let you know. THANKS!

and maryam, i think i could use the mastic for wall tiles to attach the mirror bits. not sure about a concrete for the walls. i would want that smooth plaster finish but moisture and regular plaster don't mix. maybe if i covered walls in cement board and cover cement board in chicken wire to hold concrete.....that will take some research! maybe there is some kind of plaster that can get wet - or a stucco type material. it would take some thinking but i bet it's possible!

Amy said...

peak of chic, the banner at the top of my page is from my favorite piece of needlework ever. it's german circa 1736 and i really love it!

The Peak of Chic said...

I know this post is about the lovely bathroom, but I just have to say that the antique needlework scene is stunning.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy:

Glad I could sort of help. Please do email:


PS: I too love the needlework piece. It's stunning. I wouldn't have thought as late as 1736 though.

Amy said...

i am just going to have to post the whole thing!