Wednesday, January 10, 2007

hatch show print

last week, my friend andrea and i took a field trip to the legendary hatch show print. what a great place to visit. everyone there is completely devoted to their craft, most of them starting as volunteers before making rank as an apprentice and so on. to me, this attitude is very exciting no matter what the aesthetic. i chose this very necessary dada mule poster, andrea chose the its better pure coffee and my son, the george washington. if you ever find yourself in nashville, stop by hatch show print and let them tell you all about it. all you have to do is ask.

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Karzimodo said...

Hatch is a dream! I spent ages in there on my trip to Nashville opting for the Dr. Martens poster for my husband and the Hatch Show Clown for a friend. Not to mention a dozen other posters I then left at the security gate at the airport. Nightmare! Luckily I got them all back.