Tuesday, January 23, 2007

sayaka akiyama

this is actually an artwork titled "my friends john and yoko visited me in monflanquin" by sayaka akiyama, 2001. but i think, wicked clever way to memorialize a trip! if you stitched along your trip route, stitched wherever you went, you would surely come up with a super fine pattern and an unusual and interesting way to remember your journey. next trip, i'm stitching. if you stitched every trip you could make a great coffee table book. thanks for the inspiration sayaka!


Anna said...

Hi Amy, I have those pictures for you of that Burley Katon Halliday apartment in Sydney which I said I would send through to you. I just need your email address. Would you mind emailing it to me to anna@blackandspiro.com.au


cruststation said...

Wow, this is so beautiful. Fantastic idea.

Amy said...

i'm glad you like it! after i posted it i thought about it all afternoon. the places i could go and the little trinkets i could sew in and where i could find beautiful maps to sew on...bit of an obsessive personality, i know. thanks for visiting!