Monday, January 15, 2007

studio of great import

this is the MOST exciting and inspiring kind of photograph to me. to have a look into the studio or workroom of a great designer, to see where the ideas are born, the drawings made, the inspiration bits pinned to the wall and lining the shelves, it is all fantastic to me. this is the studio of the great achille castiglioni, who over 50 years created 150 products and recorded 432 designs done for trade fairs, exhibitions and showrooms. Some of the most famous being the arco, the snoopy, and the taccia by flos, the mezzadro for zanotta, and the sanluca for gavina. achille castiglioni had a huge collection of everyday objects which inspired his projects, and when teaching he would bring them by the bagful as his "tools of design instruction". he had 150 different pairs of to love it ALOT.

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