Thursday, January 25, 2007

linde ivimey

hmmm....bunny confuses me...i'm feeling conflicted already and these are the benign examples of her work. it's just a bunny, with a baby bunny backpack . cute right? bunny with baby bunny backpack wears someone else's bones. should i be afraid? i do believe i read an article several years ago that had beautiful photographs of earlier work and then there was a photo of her work area (you know how i love that) which showed containers of assorted chicken bones and i immediately became confused. i still thought it was all beautiful but it instantly became all black magic voodoo on me. which is very curious and interesting in it's own right... i'm going to have to look up her artist's statement and get back to you. check martin brown fine art and gould galleries, click exhibitions. four horsemen below.


andifree said...

I don't know Amy, these seem totally like something you would love, Dead + Aniamal :)

Amy said...

now you're getting one for christmas!